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What do we do?

The EduCrate team link UK and international schools, giving students a sense of what it’s like to learn, on the other side of the world. The international schools are chosen due to their poverty status; they’re struggling to provide adequate levels of basic school resources, and ensure their students can use education to get themselves out of poverty. They’re without the appropriate learning texts and stationery, meaning the students have a limited opportunity to really thrive. Once the connection is made, the two schools aid each other’s academic and global development, creating a positive long term relationship both sides can benefit from. The first step is to collect and then ship bespoke educational resources to those in need, turning waste into want. EduCrate’s job is to get those crates from A to B.

EduCrate was founded out of frustration. In many UK schools, educational resources such as textbooks, stationery and display posters are simply left decaying in cupboards. We at EduCrate, want to ensure that students who study in poverty get access to these much needed resources and the opportunity to be educated more equally.