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This group is for people who want to help build our newly established charity, EduCrate. All levels of interaction welcome! Whether you want to hand out some flyers, get creative in our meetings or donate some of your much appreciated time- we will say yes!

Ongoing ways of helping us empower more students is to spread our message of educational equality! Share our news/events with your merry fb friends and get more people involved.

We’re also always on the look out for children’s clothes, toys and storybooks. You can ask Sarah how to get these picked up and put into one of our crates.

There’s a weekly list on the group with specific tasks to appeal to the diverse skills that you have. Comment on the list to understand more about what we need.

Spend more time doing good! Join our movement now at #EduMates! #dogoodfeelgood

Sarah (Volunteer Manager) & The EduCrate Team


EduMate Naomi collecting donated fruit and water for EduCUP! The EduCrate footy tournament that runs every two months.