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Oh What a Night!

Am writing this with a huge, if surreal, smile on my face. Last week we put on our launch event at the Fountain Head Brighton, and it surpassed all our collective hopes and ambitions.

The evening started with a series of talks by local experts and we were thrilled to start with Alan Lester from Sussex University. Alan shared his knowledge of the Opium Trade and engaged the crowd with his passion and interesting insight into how we look back on the Britsh Empire today.

We we moved on to hear from Mike Cohen, a Plato enthusiast, who presented us with a inspiring theme into what reality truly is and what Plato had to say about it. A vast subject to explain in just 10mins but he did a grand job.

Post-drink break, Sam Moffett, an English Disco Lovers spokesperson, enthralled us with their ‘don’t hate, gyrate’ movement ethos and how we can try to erradicate extreme views through a shared loved of disco and of course glitter.

All three speakers gave us their time for free and provided the sold-out event with the opportunity to satisfy their thirsty brains and do good for us just by being there. Massive thanks to all three gentlemen involved, we’d love you back again in the future!

What at followed can only be described as comedic, sparky, glitter-fest of quizzing! 12 glittered up teams embarked on a journey of modelling animals with human jobs, general knowledge qs with a twist and speed origami to name a few rounds! The vibe was wonderfully endorsed by our very own MC Theo Evans and the rest of the EduCrate-int team who did a great job of looking after everyone and keeping up the pace.

Our winning teams couldn’t have been happier with their prints of Brighton and the South Downs and the Brighton 2016 calendar, amazingly donated by Finn Hopson, who runs the Brighton Photography Gallery near to the ever growing 360 Tower in Hove. Special thanks also need to Mr J-Feliz for musically hosting us with his vibrant mix of funk, soul and disco!

The most enjoyable part of the evening for myself, was standing back and watching so many people I know in the crowd, alongside my incredible team of trustees, getting on board with our cause and sharing in our passion for educational equality. We raised just over £300 in total, which will pay for 2 large crates full of educational resources donated from our Brighton partner schools and the stationary donated by our quizzers during the evening.

It’s difficult to imagine what a difference those resources will make to our school in Nairobi, that literally doesn’t have one pen to share amongst it’s 300 students. Thank you all so much for being there with us and supporting our cause.

Over the coming months, OUT THE BOX! will be putting on a series of unique events including a comedy night in March and a mini-festival of local music on the beach in April. Check our events page www.educrateinternational.com/events for more info and how to buy your tickets!

Thanks again all.


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